• Code shuffling
  • Argument obfuscation
  • Data obfuscation
  • Junk code insertion
  • Code duplication
  • Function cloning
  • Branch obfuscation
  • Opcode transformations
  • Function filtering
  • Emscripten support
  • ... and much more


Code and data obfuscation

Our obfuscator provides a wide range of obfuscation features for code and data. Traditional reverse engineering tools will easily recover most important information and control flow from unobfuscated binaries. Our obfuscator significantly increases time and effort required to succcessfully reconstruct applications and their internal algorithms.

Suitable for high performance applications

A side effect of code obfuscation is slower execution time. We understand that would be a huge problem for high performance applications and libraries, which is why our obfuscator provides filtering functionality allowing you to keep high performance parts of the code in their original form while still allowing you to protect other parts of the application (e.g. initialization, licensing, core algorithms, etc).

Language agnostic

We do not obfuscate source code, but compiled WebAssembly executable files. This allows you to use our obfuscator with any programming language that compiles to WASM binary format.

Regular updates

Due to the nature of our products, we believe regular updates are necessary in order to provide the best possible protection to our customers.

This is why our priority is providing regular updates with new and improved obfuscation methods.

Support for WebAssembly extensions

We follow latest WebAssembly developments and aim to develop support for various extensions used (e.g. we support SIMD instructions).

Customized solutions

In case you are in need of features specific to your application, we offer development of functionality tailored for your needs.

Whether you need functionality specific to your application or you prefer having customized obfuscations available only to your company, do not hesitate to contact us.


If you wish to purchase our WebAssembly obfuscator or would like to get a trial, please contact us at sales@protekkt.com for more information.